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Ginevra Peruginelli and Mario Ragona (Eds.)
Law via the Internet
Free Access, Quality of Information, Effectiveness of Rights
ISBN: 9788883980589
April, 2009
494 Pages
40 Euro
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The contributions presented at the International Conference "Law via the Internet: Free Access, Quality of Information, Effectiveness of Rights" organised by the Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques of the Italian National Research Council - ITTIG/CNR (Florence, October 30-31 2008) provide a wide spectrum of reflections on free access to law drawn from different points of view and countries. The event is the 9th edition of the "Law via the Internet" Conferences gathering the Legal Information Institutes (LIIs) network's members. This volume focuses on digital legal information, analysing its aspects in the light of the free digital legal culture paradigm and of the actual technological development that is shaping law. It shows how the free access to law approach is fully accepted worldwide, deserving full analysis in all aspects and now enjoying a success in practice. The key issue that emerges is that the marketplace has changed and new models of legal information distribution through equal market opportunities are major objectives to be pursued so as to ensure equality, quality of justice and of legal services. In this context legal information is to be considered an absolutely public good on top of which everyone should be free to build.


Ginevra Peruginelli and Mario Ragona (Eds.)
Mario Ragona is a research director at ITTIG-CNR. His main interests are related to legal information systems and he is responsible for ITTIG-CNR Web services. He is professor of Computer Science and Law at the University of Perugia. While being involved in editorial and teaching activities, he has been collaborating to feasibility studies of public sector information systems and to the implementation of several legal databases, as the DoGi legal literature repository.
Ginevra Peruginelli has a degree in law from the University of Florence and a MA/MSc Diploma in Information Science jointly awarded by the University of Northumbria, Newcastle, UK and the University of Parma, Italy. From 2003 she has been admitted to Bar of the Court of Florence as a lawyer. At the moment she is a PhD student at the University of Florence working on Cross-language information retrieval system for law. Since 2000 she works at ITTIG-CNR. She carries out her research activities in various sectors, such as standardization in legal domain and law and legal language documentation. She is the author of various publications on: integrated access to legal information and metadata strategies, evaluation criteria for legal web sites. In her most recent research activity she has paid special attention on approaches in the field of cross-language retrieval to legal information resources.