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European Press Academic Publishing (EPAP) is a publishing house created in Florence (Italy) in 1999 by a group of researchers of different cultural areas. The aim of European Press is the publication and the diffusion of research in the fields of Law, Economics, Political and Historical Sciences, Humanities, as well as Scientific and Technical fileds. EPAP books are part of the British Library and the Library of Congress collections.

Ilkka Saarilahti
Les procédures budgétaires de L'union européenne de 2015 à 2017
De la crise à la relance
Cet ouvrage fournit un éclairage complet sur le déroulement des négociations budgétaires interinstitutionnelles de l'Union européenne en 2014-2017.

This book provides a comprehensive picture of the European Union's interinstitutional annual budget negotiations in the years 2014-2017.
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Eleonora M. Beck
Boccaccio and the Invention of Musical Narrative
Boccaccio perfected a literary genre called "musical narrative," copied by generations of authors from Bembo to Machiavelli, Tolkien to J.K. Rowling. This study provides a new way of experiencing lyrics, suggesting that readers heard music in the words, just as they appreciated music when viewing representations of music in narrative painting.
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Ika Riswanti Putranti
The European Union's Generalised System of Preferences
A Better Trade Facilitation for Beneficiary Country?
The Generalised System of Preferences, known as GSP, is defined as "a formal system of exemption from the more general rules applied by the European Union on its trade relationship with third countries". Strengthening trade facilitation between the preference-granting country and the beneficiary country is deemed as an important factor to achieve the purpose of the GSP.
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Claudia Landolfi
The Digital Governmentalisation of Emotions
Can one speak of an emotional education on the web? On which models is it based and for what end are we training ourselves? This work collects some reflections developed around these questions.
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Ilkka Saarilahti
Les procédures budgétaires de L'union européenne de 2012 à 2014
Le passage du cadre financier 2007-2013 au nouveau cadre financier 2014-2020
Cet ouvrage fournit un aperçu complet des négociations annuelles budgétaires de l'Union européenne pour la période 2011-2014.

This book provides a complete picture of the European Union's annual budget negotiations in the period 2011-2014.
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Elena Baracani, Roberto Di Quirico (eds.)
Alternatives to Democracy
Non Democratic Regimes and the Limits to Democracy Diffusion in Eurasia
When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, liberal democracy remained the only ideal model of a political regime applicable worldwide. However, important areas in Eurasia, in particular Russia, China and Iran, resisted democratization and reformed authoritarian regimes rose and consolidated in the region. The international economic crisis and wide economic growth in authoritarian countries have renewed the relevance of questions about the democratic model's superiority, its unavoidable diffusion and the existence of alternative regimes.
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Ilkka Saarilahti
Euroopan Unionin Taloushallintojärjestelmän Joustavuus
Finanssihallinnollisia tutkimuksia joustavuuden eri muodoista ja kehityksestä vuosina 1968-2009
Tässä artikkeliväitöskirjassa (jäljempänä 'tutkimus') tarkastellaan finances publiques communautaires - koulukunnan mukaista teoreettista viitekehystä ja lähestymistapaa noudattaen minkälaisia joustavuusmenettelyjä Euroopan yhteisöjen (EY) ja Euroopan unionin (EU) yleiseen talousarvioon sekä rahoitusnäkymiin ja -kehykseen on sisältynyt, miten menettelyt ja niiden käyttö ovat kehittyneet unionin talousarviokäytännöissä sekä minkälaisia muutos- ja uudistushaluja sekä rajoitteita ne ovat kohdanneet vuosina 1968-2009
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